i. cant. fucking. breathe.

Nah bruh, you gotta let her fall to earth on that one.
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I’m having this weird kind of inspired feeling mixed the longing, sadness of nostalgia. It’s rather unsettling. I need my life to be something I don’t regret. I’m not even high right now.

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"Can’t go home alone again, need someone to numb the pain"


† Staying in my play pretend,where the fun ain’t got no end †
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I’m not sure if I misused the word “musings”. Also, I’m not entirely sure if that was a proper use of quotations. I need to get back into school asap.

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I fear another low point is on the horizon

so it’s definitely an appropriate time to start Six Feet Under from season 1 episode 1. It’s been  a while since my last binge session with that show and I need to feel something. It always makes me feel something, especially when high.